‘Life Is Beautiful: HERE’S TO NEW BEGINNINGS’ By Jacqueline Pirtle

Do you want to live a more beautiful life?
Do you want to feel better, but not sure how to?

In this refreshingly empowering how-to guide Jacqueline Pirtle sets the stage with journal style chapters, helping you to:

Create a beautiful life with her Six Steps to Live a Beautiful Life method
Recognize and change your beliefs and habits that keep you from living life as beautifully as you want to.

Create a rock solid foundation of who you are through re-remembering and re-writing your own true story––one that is yours to tell.

Lose yourself in your beautiful new you! Right NOW!

By the end of Life IS Beautiful: Here’s to New Beginnings, you’ll clearly understand your unstoppable spiritual, energetic, and physical power to change what you want to change. More phenomenally, you will align with your ownsuperpower of your inner intelligence, to master the art of living a beautiful life.

I chose to quote this particular sentence from LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL because I feel it sums up the book quite succinctly. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL is a very inspirational book. You can’t read it and not feel energised and ready to change for the better.

Another reason I chose that particular quote is that I find it a fascinating concept. It’s something I came to realise with the help of my dear old Mam quite recently. I have been struggling with mental health issues as a result of my physical health disabilities and illnesses for a long time. As such, I had developed what my psychiatrist called a “personality disorder”. In short, I had developed aspects to my personality that were less desirable, unattractive and quite frankly at times, unpleasant. Together, my family, my psychiatrist and I had tried it all. Medication, counselling, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and a range of lifestyle changes that all had little to no effect on my recently acquired, stubborn and effluvial, personality traits.

Sitting on my own, crying, during the night one night, my dear Mammy came in to see why I was awake and proceeded to have a deep, deep talk with me. Her words of wisdom will still be with me until the day I die and are echoed here, in this very book. She said to me that our personalities are not set in stone. They can be made and remade over and over. She said to me, “Lynne, you can be whatever you want to be. Be whoever you want to be.” She didn’t mean I was suddenly going to grow a new immune system, one that doesn’t attack my body and organs and spring out of my wheelchair and become the next big thing in the 2024 Olympics. Nor did she mean I should apply to become an MI5 Special Agent and become a woman of mystery, changing my identity and persona to fit whatever case I happened to be working on. No, she meant it was entirely within my power who I was as a person. Whether I was a good person doing good, saying good things. Or whether I was an unpleasant person, doing unpleasant things, saying unpleasant things. And it worked. I’ve changed. I’m happier as a result too. I choose moment on moment who and what I want to be and it totally works! So I personally can vouch for that part of the book.

There is a lot of the book that involves you as a reader writing a journal of your thoughts and feelings as you take part in the “exercises” that Jacqueline encourages you to do throughout the book. I say exercises loosely because they are more enjoyable experiences than anything else. They involve you clearing your mind and reaching into a part of yourself that you have forgotten, bringing it to the fore and reaching a deeper connection with yourself and more complete happiness than you have been used to. I can also personally vouch for this as it worked for me. To be clear though, this is not a “happiness pill”. Jacqueline is very clear that you will still feel sadness and hurt throughout your life. What’s different is how you feel about those feelings. How you deal with them and how you approach them.

For example, Jacqueline writes:

“Close your eyes and sense the energy of these empowering, positive, peaceful, hopeful and beautiful words! Breathe in their value. If that is what you would have heard while growing up and were saying to yourself all along, do you think you would live your life differently?”

I was actually alive with excitement reading LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL because it’s like someone took my life mantra, wrote it down in a book and published it! This is how I try to live my life! I don’t always succeed because life bogs me down unfortunately but in essence, I try to see the beauty in all things.

For example, my neighbours hate us. They absolutely cannot stand us. We have no idea why other than we own two little dogs and for about 3 minutes total a day, they bark. So my neighbours have waged their own petty little war against us and for a time, I am ashamed to admit I participated in that war. However, when I came to the realisation that life was what I made it and basically if I saw everything as good and pleasant then it wouldn’t upset me anymore, I started choosing to see them as good people, despite the problems they were causing. It changed everything for me. They no longer had the power to upset me anymore. The secret? I chose how to view the problem. I didn’t let my emotions choose how to deal with it. So they could burn down my house and while, yes, I would be sad at losing my home and my possessions, I might even be distraught, I still wouldn’t let them control my emotions. I would choose how I let thos emotions affect me and how I viewed those emotions themselves. In Jacqueline’s words, I would see their beauty. Ok so that’s a pretty extreme example but it’s to let you understand where I’m coming from. I choose what I feel and who I am. I choose to see the beauty in life most of the time these days and again, I’m happier as a result. Again, myself and this book are in complete harmony of thinking.

It’s not often I read this genre of non-fiction, so I’m surprised at how much I loved this. It really spoke to me. I plan to read the rest of Jacqueline’s books and review them here in time (I’ve got a lot of books to get through first!) plus I will keep an eye on her Twitter feed for new releases. I was thoroughly impressed with LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL: HERE’S TO NEW BEGINNINGS.

Congratulations to Jacqueline Pirtle on a job well done.

As always I would like to thank Jacqueline for approaching me and asking me to review her brilliant book. It was very kind of her and I really appreciate it.

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Jacqueline Pirtle is the owner of the lifestyle company FreakyHealer––she is a holistic practitioner, a speaker, and a bestselling author. Her passion for mindful happiness shines through in all of her life and work, helping clients to shift into a high-for-life frequency—a unique experience that calls people into their highest potential in their NOW!

Jacqueline has been featured in multiple online magazines, including Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, NBC NewsBetter, has appeared on Women Inspired TV, and interviewed on podcasts and radio shows such as The Sunday School Radio Show, The Lisa Radio Show and WoMRadio. Her article “Are You Happy?” is in print in The Edge Magazine.

Jacqueline was born in Switzerland, has lived all over the world, and is now making her home in the US with her wonderful family. Her professional background is in holistic wellness and natural living, she holds various international degrees, and is an internationally certified Reiki Master.

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